How do I login to my Server?
When you purchase a server you can access it in the following ways.

1. Remote console panel.
Access the panel using the following:
Login: Email address
Password: assigned via email.
Link: https://panel.vps-hosting.ca

2. Microsoft servers can also be accessed using RDP (Remote Desktop)
Login: administrator
Password: (Click blue i icon on panel).

3. Linux servers can also be accessed via SSH using putty which can be downloaded here..
CentOS/Redhat/Debian Login: root
Ubuntu Login: user or root
Password: (Click blue i icon on panel).
Customer Feedback...

Mark Rightson...
"This is by far the best service I have ever seen from a server hosting provider. Their virtual servers are no different than the dedicated server I moved from and they managed to import my dedicated server.. like magic! Thanks guys for the excellent service"
Bill Meyer...
"I got my first VMware server from vps-hosting.ca and I have to say I was very impressed. I realize I was wasting money on my dedicated server as these virtuals seem to perform extremely well. Also I really didn't expect to have the server up and running in 3 minutes which was great"